Venomous stings and bite hospitalisations in Australia

Posted 5/3/2021 by Alasdair Spinner

Over the years I've spoken to a small number of people working in different sectors - including medicine - who've enquired about working in Australia but have turned down big money and a place in the sun because they or a family member have serious issues with snakes or spiders.

If these critters don't bother you, it might seem an odd reason to turn down a job and a lifestyle opportunity for these reasons. However, as we know these phobias are common so it makes sense to discuss them - especially if you are thinking on moving to another country which has unfairly got a reputation for its wildlife. Some years ago, a medical consultant expressed an interest in a job in the Sydney metro. We connected and talked about the job, property prices, private schools in Sydney, even job opportunities for her partner. But then, with her kids,  she watched a Steve Bakshall documentary on deadly animals in Australia and withdrew her interest. The thought of snakes literally made her feel unwell.

If this sounds like you and you feel nervous about snakes and spiders or any venomous animal in Australia it might be useful to look at the following data released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

They've published 2017-2018's hospitalisation stats for contact with venomous animals and plants. You may be surprised. The chief culprit may not be the one you thought it would be:

  • 19 people or 0.00000076% of the population of Australia died due to venomous stings or bites. 
  • 3500 people were hospitalised. 
  • Bees accounted for 26% of these - the most.
  • Red-back spiders accounted for 19%.
  • Venomous snakes accounted for 17%.

If you are worried about critters in Australia I hope this snapshot reassures you. If you know someone who is please pass this on. You can download the full stats here.

If you want to talk about other aspects about living in Australia - schools, property, jobs, money, tax, economy, the surf, the bush etc. please get in touch for a non-obligatory, friendly chat.

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