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Our goal is to help you find a great job, for the right money, in the right place. We provide detailed advice on eligibility, salaries and allowances, hospitals, services, health service management, job interview coaching and contract negotiation.

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We want to find a location which makes you happy. We can brief you on property trends, tax, primary, secondary education, partner work opportunities, climate, cultural & economic conditions, to ensure you make the right choice for you and your family.

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Once you get the job you want, we will project manage you through any complex medical college, medical registration and visa processes - helping and guiding you all the way. So that when it is time to leave, you're good to go!

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**NEW** Big, big news out of Australia. The Medical Board of Australia had their annual meeting at the end of April. They made an announcement of a new process to fast track specialist international medical graduates. read more...

**Salary and Superannuation update**

**Salary and Superannuation update**

Salary and Superannuation update As you may know by now, each Australian State Government negotiates with the Australian Medical Association to determine Consultant salaries, entitlements and allowances. This is why salaries vary from state to state. read more...

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