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Posted 4/4/2021 by Alasdair Spinner

I read an article this morning on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's site about a huge increase in advertised job vacancies - notable as a good news item. In the UK we're reminded daily we are in an express elevator down to the deepest recession in 300yrs. This article reminds us good news is out there and other outcomes have always have been available. Nothing was inevitable.

Australia has had a successful and resilient economy for the last 20+ years. The main reason is what it has in the ground - mining and resources. As long as China continues to grow year on year - whether it be just 1, 3 or 5% - the sheer scale of its economy is good news for countries like Australia which has a resource which helps countries like China to grow. In 2008 whilst the rest of the world fell into recession Australia got richer as China pushed capital into major projects to keep the country working.  increasing demand for commodities like iron ore, used for Chinese steel. Taxes earned from these sales then went on to help build new hospitals and fund services in Australia. 

So, whilst UK has had GFC, austerity, Covid and Brexit to hammer the foundations of the economy, Australia - until Covid - was in pretty good shape.

Whilst a general article, the ABC piece it does have stats on the healthcare sector. The sector advertised 11,000 more jobs in February 2021 than it did in November 2020. These increases aren't as linked to the economy (unless private sector) as others are, such as construction. What the healthcare increases do point to are evidence of increased mobility as people finally get to move to a different state or different city as restrictions have eased. Further, specific services would also now be confident in moving forward with planned vacancies as the vaccine roll out continues. One of the state chief medical officers told me last week financial year July 21- June 22 should see a glut of new vacancies across his particular health service as things revert to some sort of normal. 

Here are latest Covid stats for Australia up to April 1st (later unavailable due to Easter break).





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