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Posted 15/7/2021 by Alasdair Spinner

Compared to the UK professional development allowances (CPD) and CPD leave for consultants in Australia is acknowledged as more generous. Before I break it down let's remind ourselves why it varies within Australia itself.


Australia is a federation of states and territories who have devolved elected governments. These governments appoint a Minister of Health and have the autonomy to legislate in respect to health policy and autonomy to negotiate what pay, allowances, benefits and conditions it gives its employees, except for areas which must comply with national legislation. For example, all state and territory governments can set what salary bands they pay their senior medical practitioners but all must pay the minimum superannuation (pension) contribution of 10% (this went up by the way from 9.5% in July 2021).


Each state and territory decides what CPD allowance is payable, how it is payable and how much CPD leave you’re eligible for. These conditions are set out in each administration’s industrial agreement for doctors referred to as “awards”. But, all public health services within a state (as you get separate entities like Bendigo Health, Portland, Monash in Victoria for example) must adhere to their parent state or territory’s award.


Variances therefore occur nationally. For example, in Western Australia the CPD allowance of $28k pa is paid with your salary. In Victoria, the allowance is reimbursed to you. In NSW, the allowance of $37k is reimbursed and can be accrued over 2 years whilst unused CPD leave can be accrued up to 5 years. The NSW CPD allowance is the most generous. 


At time of writing, these are the CPD rates:


NSW - $37k - reimbursed - 25 days pa. 

QLD - $20-25k depending on experience - paid.

WA - $28k (WACHS $30k)  paid. 2 weeks (can be accrued to 4 weeks for 2yrs only)

SA - $22k - reimbursed - 10 days (20 over 2yrs). 

TAS - $24k - paid - 10 days (20 over 2yrs).

ACT -$18k - reimbursed or paid - 160hrs pa. 

NT - $26k - paid - 10 days.


In most services, CPD leave tends to be inclusive of your travel time but some outliers like NHS Health allow up to 48hrs travel time.  Some services allow you to accrue additional CPD leave for each year you work, up to a maximum amount. Health services in more remote areas can offer additional CPD benefits. 


Please contact me for exact information on what expenses can be offset using your allowance - this depends on each health service’s policy. 


For more information about the salary, allowances, leave and other benefits you are eligible for in your preferred destination just give me a call or email 

This data is correct as of today. If I've made a mistake , I'm sorry , I'm only human. 

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