Am I too old to work in Australia?

Posted 10/2/2021 by Alasdair Spinner


A frequently asked question:


I’m a Consultant and I am 46yrs old. Am I too old to work and live in Australia?


No, you’re not too old.


Unlike the Middle East and Singapore, there is no working age limit in Australia which would affect doctors moving permanently or temporarily.


You can accept a job offer as long as you fulfil the professional criteria and pass the visa health checks. If your employer is sponsoring your visa, the visa you would enter Australia on is the 482 (replaced the 457 in March 2018).


Where there is an age limit - and this may be what you’ve heard and picked up in the media - is an age limit of eligibility of 45 years if you want to apply for permanent residency on the 482 working visa. 

However, senior healthcare professionals can be granted an exemption from this policy via a subclass visa or a separate labour agreement (which are too complicated to get into here).

Those under 45 but who would be over 45 by the time they actually get around apply for permanent residency when in Australia or over 45 when they enter Australia on the 482 visa and fulfil qualifying criteria ARE eligible to apply (with their employer’s support) for a subclass visa which creates a pathway to permanent residency. You have to fulfil a period of time with your employer before they’ll assist to put you on this pathway. 

In my experience to date no health service has said they wouldn’t facilitate this on behalf of a consultant of any specialty.

Many regional cities and services use this pathway to encourage consultant/specialists to join them. One Consultant Psychiatrist over 45 who joined a service in Sydney on the proviso the employer would facilitate the subclass visa to provide a pathway to permanent residency.

The new 482 visa came into effect in March 2018.


If you are interested in working in Australia please get in touch for a friendly, non-obligatory chat about the process for overseas trained psychiatrists.


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