Consultant in general adult psychiatry

I am currently working happily in a very sunny part of Queensland, Australia as a specialist psychiatrist after working more than 7 years as a Consultant psychiatrist in the UK.

It was a journey to resettle and work in Australia but all surprisingly went well, many thanks to great efforts by Alasdair throughout the process.

I am so grateful for his help for me to be able to work in Australia.

Alasdair is a hardworking, enthusiastic and level-headed person. He is also a brilliant motivator and very willing to discuss any issue and reassure with his wealth of experience in recruitment. 

He is very efficient, reliable and has extremely good interpersonal skills.

If you are thinking, planning to work in Australia or abroad, I would strongly recommend Alasdair to help you through your journey and he will make your move effortless and successful.


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