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Doctors - what can you claim at Australian tax time

Doctors - what is tax deductible in Australia?

The reason I'm writing this blog is because I was asked a question by a specialist international medical graduate about whether continuing medical education (CME) is and isn't tax deductible for senio... read more...

Australian border openings

Australian border openings - whats the deal?

Much to get excited about this morning seeing the tweets and news coming out of Australia : "International travel to restart in November says Scott Morrison" (Guardian). I haven't seen my father for t... read more...

Is Australia starting to open up again?

Is Australia starting to open up again?

Australia’s largest airline, Qantas indicated this week it will restart international flights in October. The airline posted a AU$1.17 billion loss for the 6 months to December 2020. Clearly they’ve b... read more...

Vaccination Update Australia

Vaccination News Australia

Vaccination news. In Australia, health operations are devolved to the State Governments. In a COVID-19 vaccination context the Australian federal government is responsible for selecting, procuring and... read more...

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