Consultant in general adult psychiatry

He was superb in helping me out with finding a suitable post, complex paperwork and relocation process. I would highly recommend Alasdair. Many thanks for the help provided.

Consultant General Adult Psychiatry

Operations Manager

I had privilege to use Alasdair’s professional assistance and would strongly recommend to everyone. He's provided me with fast and outstanding level of service and a great outcome in my job search.

Operations Manager

Consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology

Your were an outstanding agent and miles ahead of any competition.

Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

HR/ER Manager

Alasdair as a recruitment professional provides an exceptional service...


Senior scientist

Alasdair's ability to determine candidate requirements is exceptional. He is both creative and detailed in his approach to understanding what skills and abilities are required, and he always delivers



I have great respect for Alasdair's integrity, professionalism and client focus. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alasdair as an outstanding recruiter

HR Director - Employer


After being contacted by multiple recruiters and going through numerous emails and phone conversations, it was apparent that Alasdair would provide the best service...

Senior Scientist

Consultant in forensic psychiatry

Very knowledgeable about the workings of the medical system including Psychiatry in a number of countries including Australia...

Adjunct Associate Professor, Senior Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dealing with Alasdair has always been a positive experience.

Assistant to the Medical Director of Mental Health Services

Consultant in Emergency Medicine - Dr Mehrad Ramazany

Alasdair is definitely the best recruiter and we were so lucky to meet him. He listened fully to our needs and helped me find the job that would match what we wanted.

Dr Mehrad Ramazany
Consultant in Emergency Medicine
NSW Health

Consultant in anaesthesia

I have no hesitation in thanking Alasdair for his invaluable first-class support and guidance over the past 22 months...

Consultant Anaesthetist

Consultant in maternal faetal medicine

My family and I are grateful for all your help and support - we could not have done this without you and your professionalism in combination with friendly and supportive spirits.

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Consultant in general adult psychiatry (community)

Alasdair is a hardworking, enthusiastic and level-headed person. He is also a brilliant motivator and very willing to discuss any issue and reassure with his wealth of experience in recruitment...

Consultant Psychiatrist

Service Manager

Alasdair Spinner is a thorough professional. The ability to match right person to the right job makes him stands out of his peers. I will highly recommend Alasdair as your go to man.


Consultant in child and adolescent psychiatry

What the experience has confirmed for me is that I am massively impressed with your approach and have decided to stick with you all the way.

Consultant in child and adolescent psychiatry

Consultant in Addictions Psychiatry, Dr JT, Perth, Western Australia

Ellen was an incredible help though with the paper work. I'm not sure I'd have managed on my own. It's been a crazy journey and some more to come. Thanks again for all your help and support throughout...

Consultant in Addictions Psychiatry
Major Perth Mental Health Service

Consultant in general adult psychiatry

The first dog that I own in Australia will be named Alasdair, in his honour.

Consultant Psychiatrist

Consultant in forensic psychiatry

Alasdair has been a pleasure to work with, always professional, prepared, quick to reply and a sunny character. Highly recommended if you are considering the big move down under.

Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Senior Lecturer


I have sought Alasdair’s advice in various capacities, on both a professional and personal level and found him as an exceptional recruitment professional.


Chief Operations Officer

Alasdair offered us a novel and innovative approach to a recruitment opportunity that we were considering

COO - Employer

Consultant in general adult psychiatry

I have greatly valued advice and support from Alasdair , who is an exceptional international medical recruiter.

Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist

Senior Management

Alasdair's ability to determine candidate requirements is exceptional. He is both creative and detailed in his approach to understanding what skills and abilities are required, and he always delivers....


Senior Consultant & Director of Physician Training

He helped me do what plenty said was not possible. I highly recommend Alasdair, he wants to make recruitment really work for health outcomes and doesn't beat about the bush.


Consultant in child and adolescent psychiatry

Alasdair is a very professional, friendly and knowledgeable person. He helped me find a very good post.

Associate Director / Consultant CAMHS Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist - Dr SN, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

I'm a consultant psychiatrist who has just recently moved to Perth, Western Australia. I couldn't have made this move without the help of Alasdair and Ellen from Spinner Medical Recruitment (cont)

Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine - Dr Matt Morgan

Huge thanks to Alasdair Spinner for making our move to Australia possible. Highly recommend Alasdair and Ellen who made a complex process so much easier, better and supported my family along the way.

Dr Matt Morgan
Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine/Intensivist

Consultant in general adult psychiatry

If you are thinking, planning to work in Australia or abroad, I would strongly recommend Alasdair to help you through your journey and he will make your move effortless and successful.

Consultant Psychiatrist

Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry - Dr TK, Victoria, Australia.

Both Alasdair and Ellen Spinner have excellent knowledge of life in Australia that helps immigrants choose the right location and to settle down quickly. Alasdair is a very friendly.. (cont.)

Consultant Psychiatrist
Victorian Mental Health Service
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